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The world's population is ageing rapidly, increasing the financial and resource burden for healthcare systems worldwide. This is particularly so in the EU, US and Japan where the percentage of men and women over 60 is expected to become greater than 35% of the overall population by 2050. The overburdening of healthcare systems is undesirable from a government standpoint as well as from the older person’s perspective, as they cannot rely on being treated to the highest standard of healthcare. As a result, healthcare strategies are changing from “reactive” to “proactive, preventative” healthcare models, incorporating Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions. This healthcare revolution will enable older people to live healthier, safer and independently for longer, increasing their quality of life (QOL), while significantly decreasing the burden on healthcare systems.

CAPSIL's goals were to analyse state of the art ICT solutions from the EU, US and Japan and produce a Roadmap and partner WiKi site outlining the analysis and recommendations of our CAPSIL Coordinating Support Action (CSA) team. This team is a strategic international coalition of University and Industrial partners with extensive teams developing hardware, software, and knowledge solutions for independent living, based on user requirements. All partners of CAPSIL are members of regional and national centres for aging, engaged in the process of helping to establish public policy and international standards.

The analysis and solutions have been incorporated into WiKi entries (CAPSILs) providing a state of the art knowledge platform for researchers, developers and policy makers. The CAPSILs allow visitors to quickly and easily access information and test solutions for prolonging independent living within the many and various heterogeneous communities. Only with this knowledge will the relevance and efficacy of technological solutions be maintained and empowered with the capability to be adapted into various cultures. Our hope is that visitors to the site will update the site, according to the site’s guidelines, keeping the information current, relevant, and reliable, as R&D in this field develops.

The following links relate to CAPSIL project management information including team members, meetings information, research output documents - including the 'Roadmap' documents and links to various knowledge sources used. It also includes information on how to contribute to the Wiki and the relevant formats and templates used.

Link to the CAPSIL Website


CAPSIL Project Governance

  • CAPSIL members - The CAPSIL project comprises eight partners in total from three different geographies. These are listed in this section.
  • CAPSIL meetings - An important part of CASPIL are coordination meetings. These are detailed here.

CAPSIL Project Documentation

Relevant Knowledge Sources

  • Knowledge Sources - Some relevant knowledge sources are listed here. Note: Each section is referenced seperately also.

Contributing to Wiki

  • Getting Started - If you would like to contribute to the Wiki, there are some tips and guidelines here to help you get started.


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