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Objectives - Evolving Morphologies for Human-Robot Symbiotic Interaction is an FP7 project running from 2009-2012. It consists of 5 partners from across Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland. It is aiming to develop a novel approach for the design of Wearable Robots (WRs) such as exoskeletons, prostheses and other wearable mechatronic devices that can be used for a variety of applications, such as rehabilitation, personal assistance and human augmentation.

Details - The project aims to develope an active lower limb orthosis, for restoring proper gait in aged subjects. It aims to develope a simulation environment where the human body and the wearable robot system can be modelled. It also aims at producing novel robotic 'joints' that can be modified adaptively. Finally it aims to produce a 'false skin' for measurement of the interaction between human and robot.

The Evryon Research Project aims to develope a lower limb orthotic for gait restoration
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