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Please note that this Wiki does not allow anonymous edits while the CAPSIL consortium is building the core CAPSILs.

  • To start an account, please email Alexander Ufimtsev at

Creating a new page

There are two main way to create a new page:

  • Using the search box (on the left of the page), search for the page you wish to create. If it doesn’t exist you will be invited to create it.

Further information regarding creating pages can be found here.

Formatting a page

  • Depending on the topic of your page, templates to help structure the formatting and layout of your content can be found here. These are only intended as a general guide.
  • Each template can be opened for editing then copied and pasted into your new page. IF you have not used a Wiki before, this option maybe useful as the headings and some formatting examples will be provided.
  • To help you format your page a useful MediaWiki Cheat Sheet can be found here

To assist the addition of content to the CAPSIL Wiki, please refer to the following templates:


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