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Trials and Pilots Categories

Broadly speaking pilot and trial activities can be broken into two areas,

  • Firstly is clinical telemonitoring from the home. This can be for existing conditions such as Congestive Heart Failure or Diabetes and can be part of a maintanance program, however it can also be for general well being and includes areas such as physical training, diet and weight management. The focus here is mainly medical.
  • The second area is concerned with Ambient Assistive Living, be it for elderly or disabled persons. It is more focussed on monitoring of the ambient environment (home or care facility) and focusses on activities of daily living and identification of breaks from 'normal' patterns. It uses a mix of technologies such as sensors to raise alerts so that action can be taken before a major problem arises (example, carbon monoxide detectors, medication reminders or fall sensor devices). It also looks at the area of cognitive decline and identifies aids that can help here.

Note: Some pilots do contain a mix of these two broad areas for example the Bristol Assistive Living Technology Pilots, however in general we can say that pilot activity to date has been seperated out in this way.

European Trials and Pilot Activity
USA Trials and Pilot Activity
Japan Trials and Pilot Activity


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