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A key capability of any assisted living technology system is the ability to sense. This can take the form of direct measurement of biometric parameters e.g. ECG (electro cardiograph) or indirectly through tracking a person's interaction with their physical environment e.g. movement using accelerometers. Research in recent years has presented the concept of the body sensor network BSN which individual sensors connected together normally via wireless network such as 802.15.4 are used to deliver a comprehensive view of a person's state of wellbeing. The majority of wireless sensor platforms share a common set of system components:

Key Features

Ren et al described the key features of WBSN's for medical applications as follows:

Reliability Biocompatibility
Portability Privacy and security
Light weight protocols Retrievability
Energy aware communication Prioritized traffic
RF radiation safety

Sensor Nodes

Academic Commercial

Design Considerations

Pilot Activity


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